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Irish Lotto Results: Saturday 18 January 2020

The Latest Irish Lotto Results are out, Following the Irish lotto draw on Saturday 18 January 2020.

As such, Irish Lotto Results on Saturday 18 January 2020 are as Follows.

Irish Lotto Results Today:


Irish Lotto Result is Announced Now. We update regularly all Ireland Lotto results which is holding 8 PM (GMT).  .We Update all Irish Lotto results Live for our Users. And congratulations to the winners.

Irish Lottery Playing Method:

Irish Lotto Playing Method is simple. You can pick Any six Numbers from 1 to 47. At each draw, six random numbers are drawn, along with one bonus number. The minimum play for Lotto is two panels per draw, which costs €4. You can play additional panels for €2 per panel.

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