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Teatime Results

We are the Teatime results. We update the official live results of the UK49 Teatime, organized by 49s, a registered lottery company in the UK. We update all results live for our users. Latest UK teatime live, previous teatime history, and UK49s teatime for South Africa. Congratulations to the winners.

20 May 202418192035374914
19 May 2024372737414435
18 May 20241356214333
17 May 202412172833434829
16 May 202414253234374127
15 May 20241222343739444
14 May 20246142628364715
13 May 20243203140414938
12 May 2024121326344441
11 May 20241113172133378
10 May 2024122931394940
9 May 202420212934414433
8 May 2024915273541427
7 May 202426111735473
6 May 2024391625263940
5 May 202412303642444943
4 May 202416182530344232
3 May 2024929314142448
2 May 2024681421354410
1 May 20249101221484947
21 May 2024

Playing UK Teatime in South Africa

Playing 49’s Teatime in South Africa is different compared to the UK. Because it is easy to find lotto shops in the UK that are unavailable in South Africa. However, you can also play UK49’s Teatime online worldwide. But here’s how to play UK49s online from South Africa:

  • Search and choose an online lottery provider that offers 49s.
  • Make your choice whether to enter a 6-number or 7-number draw.
  • You can match anywhere between one and five numbers. When you pick numbers, remember that you must match them all to win and that the more numbers you select, the more you can win.
  • Pick any number between 1 and 49.
  • You may stake any amount you wish.
  • In the final step, you can pay for your wager by following the instructions on the site. In case of your first visit, you may need to make an account online.

Playing online offers many advantages. You can never lose an entry because your numbers are stored securely in your account. Sometimes, you can set up a subscription to receive prizes directly to your account, so you never miss a draw.

UK49s Teatime Prize Structure

Playing with uneven betting rules means the rewards you could win don’t always match up fairly with the risks you’re taking. Take the UK49s, for instance. You can pick numbers to bet on, and the odds of winning stay constant. But here’s the kicker: the prizes change depending on how much you wager. So, while your chances of winning might be the same, the amount you could win varies, giving you the freedom to decide how much you want to bet and potentially win.

Prize Payouts

NumbersPicked to Play6 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)7 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)6 Drawn NumberOdds7 Drawn NumberOdds

Uk49s Teatime Predictions

The lottery players are playing 49s Teatime Lottery. you are very conscious of winning the lottery. Therefore you have many tips and techniques available on the internet. But you don’t rely 100%  on these tips. These tips provide you with a guideline for making your game for the next Teatime Lotto Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time is the UK teatime results?

A: The uk49s teatime results i.e. the winning numbers are announced at 5:49 p.m. GMT usually.

Q: How do you win the UK 49s teatime?

A: A very common strategy among UK 49s players is to use patterns. Players use patterns such as ‘M’ or ‘X’ on the card when choosing UK 49s numbers, and because this is such a common strategy it means that if you win you will have to split the prize with everyone else who used the same method. Play consistently.

Q: How many numbers do you need to win 49s?

A: 6 numbers plus a bonus number known as the “Booster” are drawn from balls marked 1-49. You can play either the 6 or 7-number draw (which includes the Booster ball to increase your chances of winning).